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Covering the Country with Innovative Service

Chaowei Power currently sells almost all of its products in China. Its motive batteries for electric bikes are targeted at two market categories: the primary market for electric bike manufacturers and the secondary market for distributors of electric bikes, batteries and accessories.

Sales and marketing in our primary market

The Company has a dedicated key account customer service team for electric bike manufacturers, serving the major customers in this segment. A key component of our strategy is to strengthen our relations with major electric bike manufacturers through regular management visits, close customer care through our sales representatives and technical support and upgrades. The Company's major customers in the primary market include market leaders such as Jiangsu Yadea, Zhejiang Luyuan, Shandong Byvin, Shanghai Lima and Tianjin Aima.

Sales and marketing in secondary market

The Group’s extensive distribution network covers every province and region. As at 31 December 2015, the number of the Group’s independent distributors in secondary markets was 2,028. The Group is committed to reducing intermediaries within sales channels in a bid to increase the profitability of its sales outlets. Meanwhile, further training has been provided to distributors to enhance their management and to promote their loyalty to the CHILWEE brand, as well as to facilitate mutual communication and collaboration.

In parallel with its business expansion, Chaowei Power’s marketing strategy has evolved from just extending its distribution network to building its own brand. The Group has been promoting the brand awareness and reputation of CHILWEE through a variety of activities, including bolstering promotional efforts at the more than 50,000 CHILWEE brand outlets across the country and continued engagement with international movie star Mr. Donnie Yen as its spokesperson. In the meantime, it is also striving to gain the satisfaction and notability of users. Towards this end, it has set up a network of services outlets for motive batteries for sales, including supplying components and accessories, as well as after-sales service and customer feedback, aiming to provide users with quality pre-sales and post-sales services.



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