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According to the data of China Bicycle Association, the sales of electric bikes was approximately 50 million units in the PRC in 2022, and ownership of electric bikes in the PRC reached 350 million units. Market trends and various factors have continued to drive demand for electric bikes. The gradual rollout of the “New National Standards” in China has seen replacement demand from electric bikes growing. Also, amid the pandemic, concerned about their safety and health, more people have picked the electric bike as their transport. Furthermore, with new energy in tight supply and environmental protection a hot pursuit, export of electric bikes from China has surged notably in recent years.

The Group’s battery products are mainly used in electric bikes, electric tricycles and special-purpose electric vehicles. Priding excellent technological strengths and extraordinary quality products, the Group has maintained leadership in the battery industry. In addition to its main product lead-acid batteries, the Group also produces and sells lithium-ion batteries and other related products. All its products are manufactured and sold under the “CHILWEE” brand and trademark.

The key components of a lead-acid motive battery include electrode plates and fiber glass dividing plates. The number and the size of electrode plates required to be installed in a lead-acid motive battery will depend on the required level of its storage capacity and power output. The electrode plates are coated with oxidized lead and alloy lead. Pairs of positively charged electrode plates and negatively charged electrode plates each separated by a fiber glass dividing plate are bound together by metal strips and installed into the plastic casing of a lead-acid motive battery. The battery is then filled with sulphuric acid and charged with electricity.

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